Welcome to PeonyMAX 

Our peony nursery has a long tradition which was passed from one family member to another…unfortunately that’s not about us That is the story of American, English or Dutch nurseries.

Our story is totally different…

It started when we bought one plant, then another and another… and in the end the collection was quite big. We started bringing peonies from European growers and at one point we’ve had a two hectars field which is constantly getting bigger.
We are specialized only in peonies (growing and reproduction).

At the beginning of our peony adventure we were buying plants on country auctions and sales etc. Sometimes our plants have let us down and didn’t grow up to our expectations. So to avoid our customer’s disappointment we buy from solid, verified sources. Roots sold by us are always high quality – they were blooming at our place and we are confident that customer is getting what he ordered. We prefer the quality and size not the amount.

Unfortunately peonies can be stubborn and tricky so it’s not easy with the reproduction. Every year we try to enlarge our assortment with new species but we think that between those 200 varieties which we have for sale you’ll find something interesting.

We will make sure that you are satisfied with the root size and the price.
We are farmers on a daily basis and peonies are our hobby – beautiful, colorful and very interesting.

We wish you fruitful purchases!