Best time of ordering peonies

 The largest selection of plants is right after exposure quotation or at the end of the year preceding the sale. However, the sooner - the better, because the number of the roots is limited.

Shipping time

We can not predict the exact date of shipment. It depends on the weather conditions. The first orders are carried out in October and last until the end of November.

Best time to share roots

The best time to divide the late summer, early autumn (September, October).

How many there are varieties of peonies?

Precise answer to this question we can get by opening the link http://www.paeon.de/

How many varieties we offer?

At present the number is around 200, but year after year we are going to expand its product range.

What are the roots sell?

Our roots are large, healthy and high quality. In our nursery spent 2 years.

What are the Itoh peonies?

Itoh peonies were created by crossing shrub with herbaceous peonies.

Why are my peonies do not bloom?

- Digging plants and sharing their spring or in full vegetation.

- shallow or too deep planting. The buds after planting should be at a depth of 3

- 5 cm under the soil surface.

- Transplanting old, not split and not rejuvenated roots.

- Plants planted in too shady places, drowned out by other plants: trees, shrubs, weeds.

- Buds damaged by spring frosts.

- Buds damaged by fungal diseases and pests.

- Plants inadequately nourished.

- The lack of water in the soil and its excessive amount.

- Too frequent transplanting and dividing peonies.

- Inadequate soil pH.

- Excessive cutting flowers | with all stems to the ground.


We can not give a 100% guarantee. However, we make every effort to sold our roots meet the expectations of customers. Peonies are "the product of" nature and production in the open air - on weathering the impact we have.

"If you have any questions  please do not hesitate to contact us.